Services | Commercial Real Estate

Income producing properties (office, retail, multi-family residential, and storage facilities) are generally assessed by the appraisal district on an Income Approach. Appraisers will utilize “Market” indices (rental rates, occupancy rates, concessions, and capitalization rates) to determine a property’s value. This broad-brush approach does not take into account the actual performance of your property and can result in your property being grossly over assessed. AVA understands that not all properties are created equal, even if they are located in the same submarket. Understanding how appraisal districts derive their values, combined with a comprehensive understanding of your property, allows AVA to determine if your property is being fairly assessed.

Below are just a few of the commercial real estate services provided by Ad Valorem Advisors:

  • File all applicable protests
  • Develop an independent opinion of taxable value
  • Conduct formal and informal negotiations to ensure fair and equitable value
  • Protect appeal rights in the event binding arbitration or litigation is necessary
  • Produce tax estimates and accrual reporting
  • Advise clients of tax liability for potential acquisitions or new construction
  • Provide counsel assistance during litigation
  • Business Personal Property services are available on request