Services | Land Development

With the overflowing positive news surrounding both residential and commercial markets, valuations of improved and unimproved land have risen. Each tract of land is unique; therefore, the appraisal district’s assessment should account for all its distinct characteristics. AVA relies on its expertise in valuing land by measuring the impact of surrounding land uses, roadway access, floodplain/floodway impairments, residential lot absorption, home pricing, and school districts, to minimize your property tax burden. AVA understands land development and the financial impact a MUD, LID, WCID or TIRZ. AVA is sensitive to our client’s business goals; therefore, minimizing property tax liabilities and maximizing a developer’s reimbursements do not always correspond. Utilize our consulting and management services to help increase your project’s yield.

Below are just a few of the developer real estate services provided by Ad Valorem Advisors:

  • File all applicable protests
  • Develop an independent opinion of taxable value
  • Conduct formal and informal negotiations to ensure fair and equitable value
  • Protect appeal rights in the event binding arbitration or litigation is necessary
  • Produce tax estimates and accrual reporting
  • Provide counsel assistance during litigation
  • Assist in measuring the amount of Assessed Value within a reimbursable district for the purpose of bond issues